Where You Can Find Me: A Novel - Sheri Joseph Disclaimer: i recieved this book through Goodreads First Reads program. Thank you St. Martin's Press ( Macmillan) for making this book available.

'Where You Can Find Me, lifts the picture from the milk carton, takes the headline 6:00 news story and presents us with a tale we are all famiar with; that of the missing, abducted child. The child, Caleb (aka) Nicky has been found and returned to his family after two years away or 'Gone' as he calls it. He's been kidnapped and held captive by pedophiles. What happens when he comes home to a family who no longer knows him? How does he reintegrate into his home and community. The truth is that everything has irrevocably changed. Relocation to a remote region of Costa Rica seems like the best solution to his mother. She takes Caleb and his younger sister, Lark, there to stay with her mother-in-law. Perhaps here Caleb, and, yes, the family can reinvent themselves.

Sheri Joseph has written a moving, complex novel. Joseph writes with very precise prose and very real characters. She manages to write about a tragic, horrible crime and how it affects the family, especially Caleb with grace and dignity.
'Where You Can Find Me' is a difficult read given the subject matter. Don't let that deter you as this is one of the most beautifully written books that I have read recently.

* After several weeks, I've upped my rating to 5 stars. Reason: I cannot forget it and its characters.