Sweet Tooth - Ian McEwan

I'll have to think about this. My first reaction is 2 stars. I might change that.

January 16 ~

Okay, I've thought about it and my star rating remains at two stars. The following are my reasons why:

- First, I want you to know I am an Ian McEwan fan, but this book disappoints. I find all the characters glib, unlikable and unbelievable, full of themselves, predictable and boring. The writing seems, to me, to be self-conscious and contrived and the narrative is sterile, lacking any warmth. Sweet Tooth takes place in the London of the 1970's. The Cold War is ever present. Serena Frome, fresh out of Cambridge becomes a spy for the British government. She has not a whit of common sense. Strange that she managed a degree from Cambridge. She is passive, incredibly immature, and constantly looking for her next sexual liaison. Sound like a MI5 operative to you? Certainly not to me. She is asked to take part in an operation named