The Round House - Louise Erdrich Louise Erdrich is, in my opinion, one of the best contemporary writers. One of the aspects of Erdrich's writing is that her narratives are loose and sprawling, yet the language is always tight and lyrical. She has done much to help readers consider the position of Native Americans in a country that continues to denigrate and dismiss them. This story is set on an Ojibwa reservation in North Dakota (a location used in other Erdrich novels) in the 80's. There is a terrible crime, a hate crime really and its aftermath. A mystery is presented and the 13 year old boy at the heart of this novel must make a journey from innocence to experience in the unraveling of it. The plot hinges on laws that hinder the prosecution of rapes by non-Indians on reservations. It weaves together the reservation's history of familial and political battles by inserting details of the traditions and stories of Ojibwe culture into the narrative. Erdrich has given us a book with complicated moral and legal situations, a rich cultural history, and a long history of abuse on the people who are the original Americans. Though 'The Round House' travels a dark road there is enough sunlight to keep the reader from succumbing to the darkness. I recommend this book to everyone.